High School Friendships & College

What college has taught me, more than anything, is the value of your closest friends; the ones who you take the time to hang out with at any given opportunity and whose opinions always matter most to you. Now don’t get me wrong, I love and appreciate ALL my friends, but there’s always that one particular group of people who you can call your best friends. They’re the people who have made me who I am today and have always been there for me through thick and thin and can be brutally honest with me when I need them to be (some more brutal than others. You know who you are). Over the summer, we all used to talk about how much we’d miss each other and how we wished we had spent more time doing this or that. These feelings couldn’t be any more real than they are right now. I miss having them around more than anything.

What I think is really funny is how people perceive me and my best friends. So, my main squeeze Kaylin and I have had this thing since the beginning of high school where we unintentionally stay in a pack of 3 people: Me, herself, and one Asian male (we don’t know how or why things work out this way, they just do). And this Asian male in our group never stays for long, and somehow we end up rotating with a different guy every year or so (ALSO COMPLETELY UNINTENTIONAL; shit happens). I love this concept of staying in a group of 3 with one girl and a guy and I encourage more people to even out the gender proportions in their group of friends. As a girl, I can say that hanging out with TOO many females is a no-no. Sure, you can relate to more things with more girl friends, but TOO many girls = TOO much to deal with (we can all think of reasons why). Likewise, there’s also issues with hanging out with TOO many guys (a problem I usually struggle with). A proportional gender group of friends is a happier you because you’ll get the chance to breathe without getting annoyed to death by unnecessary shit there’s more perspectives to see and different sides of a story to hear. Though, if you asked me to choose between hanging out with a group of guys and a group of girls, let’s just say that I’d much rather chill with a PS4 remote and Mirror’s Edge than spend a day shopping at Forever 21.

At this point, I would like to say that I’m keeping up with that balanced group standard here in college, but I’d be lying. Kaylin and I are still best friends, and there are times when I can say we’ve found our new third member, but we’re not even together enough to be considered a group. We’re all too caught up in our own crap, and that’s OK I guess, but I miss having that sort of closeness. Anyways, I digress. The point of this post is to remind people to treasure those special friends they have. Your family will always love you and be there for you, but friends come and go. I would absolutely hate for that to happen with my favorite 5, but the reality of it is that these kinds of things happen all the time. So keep your family close, keep your best friends even closer because those are the friends who will matter most in the long run. Give them a phone call once in a while, send them a text, shoot them an email. These are people who took up a large chunk of your life. Precious people — people who really mean something to you — shouldn’t be thrown away simply because of distance. They are your friends, not aluminum coke cans you can just crush up and toss out with a hope they’ll be recycled and made new without you. Try not to forget them.

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